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UK court to sentence 85-year-old Nigerian-born doctor for killing woman during procedure

A woman will be given a life sentence in the United Kingdom for the murder of an 85-year-old doctor who was born in Nigeria.

Isyaka Mamman, a doctor who was born in Nigeria and is now 85 years old, is scheduled to be sentenced by the Manchester Crown Court for the murder of a patient who was treated at the Royal Oldham Hospital in the United Kingdom due to her gross negligence.

According to the Manchester Evening News, in September of 2018, Mamman attempted a "dangerous" procedure of taking a bone marrow sample from the woman's sternum after his initial attempt to obtain a sample from her hip was unsuccessful. This was despite objections from Shahida Parveen, the patient, as well as her husband.

It was said that he attempted to insert the biopsy needle but missed the sternum "entirely." This resulted in a deadly puncture wound to the pericardium, which is the tissue that surrounds the heart.

It was said that the mother of three lost consciousness almost quickly, and her husband reportedly ran out of the room yelling, "He murdered her!" as he left the house. I warned him not to continue doing it three times, but he ignored me each time. He murdered her."

Later that day, it was determined that she had passed away.

It is believed that Mamman was born in Okene, which is located in the state of Kogi. He received his medical degree in Nigeria in the year 1965. However, since 1991 he has been employed in the UK.

This will not be the first time that he gets involved in a contentious situation involving others.

It was reported that Mamman performed the identical operation on a 64-year-old man who had a cardiac arrest on the same day that it was performed on him. This happened three years earlier. Although he managed to escape the accident, he is now permanently crippled and has difficulties moving about.

Additionally, the court was informed that his "actual age" is a contentious issue due to the fact that his place of origin in Nigeria does not have a system of birth registration.

Mamman was alleged to have provided a date of birth during his medical training of September 16, 1936. This indicates that he was 21 years old when he began his medical training, and 81 years old when the tragic hospital event occurred.

Later on, he shaved off many years of his age by claiming that he was born in 1941, which would imply that he began his studies for a medical degree when he was just 16 years old.

But in 2001, as he started getting close to the mandatory retirement age of 65, Mamman decided to adopt yet another birth date: October 1947. Given his birthday, he would have had to have begun his degree program when he was just 10 years old.

In 2004, he lied to the General Medical Council (GMC) about his age, which led to him being found guilty of serious professional misconduct and receiving a 12-month suspension from the medical profession.

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, where he worked at the time, fired him but then rehired him in 2006 after he had been returned to the register by the GMC, who acknowledged his date of birth to be 1943. The GMC found that he had misrepresented his date of birth on his registration application.

Mamman, on the other hand, has come around to the idea that he was born in 1936. On Tuesday, he will likely be given a punishment for his crime.

The judge warned him to "prepare" himself for his upcoming sentence, which would involve serving time in jail.


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