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The Reason Why Meikie Lost Her Mind In Court Check Out Here

Meikie argues in courts 


Meikie argues not blameworthy in court for attempting to kill MaNtuli and Kwaito, she showed up in court of friday with her child Leeto and her better half John Maputla. 

Meikie Maputla is certain not returning to prison regardless of the amount Bra Sikes attempts to connect with her. Bra Sikes has given her a strategic plan and she isn't prepared to take this is on the grounds that she realizes it will end in tears. 

Meikie Maputla has mentioned to be addressed by the most costly attorney in light of the fact that Bopape isn't making a genuine showing all things considered. 

Meikie can see that her days are numbered and she is certainly certain not want to give Bra Sikes any fulfillment regardless of the amount he compromises her. 

Watchers are wanting to perceive how solid Meikie Maputla is as a womenand they don't need her to be back in jailto carry out her punishment.

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