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WATCH || Illegal Foreigners Reacts Aggressively With Firearms, See What They Did To These Old Women

Just yesterday, it got really ugly in Soweto as protesters turned everwhere upside down, chasing illegal immigrants through the streets and houses where they were worked. Even shop owners had to pack up and leave, as they watched their markets burn to ashes. Everything fell apart and all the youth of Soweto did what the government failed to do. There are many different videos on social media showing Soweto youths singing and singing in the streets.

Now they've decided to fight back, many people were warned at the start of these protests that some foreigners would not let them do what they wanted. They will react because some of them are always fully armed and waiting for such a moment. Well, they're really starting to get their revenge. There are videos of women weeping bitterly over what strangers have done to them. In the first video, the woman says foreigners took her hostage and took out heavy weapons and told her to tell their leaders never to cross the border. He went on to say that they promised to kill their leaders, including the infamous Nhlanhla Liks, who is known for campaigning for South African youth.

In the second video, an elderly woman also cries and says she has been dragged away and forced to tell them the names of the leaders in March. The woman from the second video even tore off her T-shirt to show that she was being dragged along. These women called for South African men to join the march as most of the participants were women and foreigners threatened them. This video angered many, some calling for police intervention. Check out some of the comments from Twitter users in the screenshots below:

It's getting really ugly. This is a sign that our country is being taken away. What would happen if these heavily armed foreigners decided to chase us with guns in our own country? There is no high level of disrespect other than that, we have to prove something to them and show them that they are strangers and always will be, because when we back down they benefit from us.

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