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Jub to lay charges over 'bogus and counterfeit' assault claims

Cape Town – TV moderator and artist Molemo "Jub" Maarohanye's family hammered "bogus and counterfeit" assault charges made against him.

In an assertion delivered throughout the end of the week, family representative Andile Ngcobo said they intended to lay criminal accusations against entertainer and finance manager Amanda du Pont, media character Maschaba Khumalo, Bonoluhle Nkala, and Refilwe Khumalo.

Ngcobo said they would serve the four with letters of interest, with directions that they withdraw the "unwarranted" charges made against him, too apologize for their cases.

"In the first place, it should be noticed that his (Jub's) explanations affirming close insights concerning his heartfelt connection with her in the public eye was never intended to humiliate nor disgrace Ms Amanda du Pont. In any case, was important for him taking ownership of his past, including his connections, which he can't change or deny," said Ngcobo.

The family said that claims that Jub assaulted Du Pont are "bogus and counterfeit".

"The cases and genuine claims by Ms du Pont were unmistakably created to harm and malign our child's name, which he is striving to protect."

As per the family, all sexual relations that occurred throughout our Jub and Du Pont's relationship were "all consensual", and that there was "never any episode of maltreatment as guaranteed by her public assertions".

The family rejected that Jub had a close connection with Khumalo, adding that "she was seeking after our child and he turned her down".

"Molemo and his supervisory group would not leave the cases unattended and have since taken a choice to serve Amanda du Pont, Maschaba Khumalo, Refilwe Khumalo and Bonokuhle Nkala with letters of interest with clear directions that they ought to withdraw the unwarranted charges made against him, and at last apologize for their cases.

"Inability to stick to the directions will see our child, who like any South African resident whose sacred privileges has been encroached, exceed everyone's expectations to demonstrate his innocence."

The family accepts that the ladies have "been maneuvered into crusading against Jub by Du Pont".

They added that their cases have harmed the well known person's standing and encroached his freedoms to security and poise.

Since the broadcasting of Jub's meeting on Podcast and Chill prior last week, Jub and web recording host MacG have gotten into serious trouble over the manner in which they examined sexual relations with ladies.

On Thursday, Du Pont tended to the comments and asserted that Jub had assaulted and genuinely manhandled her throughout their two-year relationship.

She said she left him after he attempted to kill her.

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