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Breaking News:Busisiwe Mkhwebane Has Just Revealed Crucial Information About SASSA



Public defender denounces Sassa for delicate botch that left down and out hungry 

Public defender Busisiwe Mkhwebane has scheduled the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) for a food bundle delicate screw up that left the dejected hungry. 

Mkhwebane made the blistering finding on Friday after an examination provoked by advocate Paul Hoffman, of the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa, in July 2020. 


Hoffman whined that "Sassa publicized a delicate for the arrangement of new specialist organizations for the dispersion of food packages for the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Western Cape areas from June 14 2019 to July 5 2019" yet dropped it "because of specialized issues". 

"Sassa neglected to conclude the delicate interaction towards the finish of 2019 and the delicate was just re-publicized on January 17 2020," Hoffman told Mkhwebane. 

"This committed Sassa to demand the recently delegated specialist organizations to briefly broaden their administrations in the said territories for a time of 90 days." 

Hoffman said Sassa then, at that point, moved toward the National Treasury for a deviation in the delicate interaction to briefly name specialist co-ops for an additional a half year while finishing the delicate cycle. 

He said the Treasury supported the solicitation however Sassa just finished up the arrangement in April 2020 "and just for a three-month time span ... Sassa along these lines conveyed no food bundles in the six regions from November 2019 to March 2020. 

"The designated specialist organizations were left with immense stores of food in stockrooms, because of the vulnerability about the expansion of their agreements. 

"Sassa accordingly neglected to convey administrations and the help of social trouble program as countless families were left without food bundles during a crucial time." 

Hoffman said Sassa's inability to convey food to the penniless was "inappropriate, comprises maladministration and caused bias". 

Mkhwebane said her examination "affirmed that there was, to be sure, excessive deferral by Sassa in granting new agreements to specialist co-ops for conveyance of food" in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. 


She said this brought about the inability to circulate food packages in the four territories between November 2019 and March 2020. 

"The claim that Sassa's lead was inappropriate, establishes maladministration and caused bias is additionally validated," Mkhwebane dominated. 

She said there was an absence of appropriate intending to execute the bid assessment and mediation of the food circulation delicate. 

This was "bothered by the absence of legitimate inner correspondence between inventory network the executives, the bid assessment council and the bid arbitration advisory group with respect to who was mindful to broaden the legitimacy time of the bid". 

Mkhwebane added: "The reasonableness in offering was undermined by the way that Sassa gave insufficient time for bidders to react to the augmentation of the 90 days legitimacy period for offers. 

"The solicitation to consent to an augmentation was just a short time before the bid would terminate. The compromised offering process at last finished in the deferral of the dissemination of food bundles in the six territories for a time of five months. 

"Sassa caused monetary misfortunes as far as convenience for a considerable length of time and resource and travel recompenses for nine bid assessment board of trustees individuals at the St George's Hotel, just as transport expenses to move the delicate reports from Sassa head office to the St George's Hotel." 

As a cure, Mkhwebane said the Sassa CEO should guarantee that all authorities engaged with inventory network the executives, and individuals from the bid councils, get applicable preparing inside 90 days. 

"The CEO should likewise start disciplinary activity as per the suggestions made in the interior examination report, inside 60 days from the date of this report, and unveil inefficient consumption caused by Sassa to National Treasury," said Mkhwebane. 

"In conclusion, the CEO should present a report on the execution of the healing activity taken to the priest of social turn of events and the acting chief general of the division of social improvement inside 60 days from the date of this report." 


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