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The Agony Of A Woman Whose Son Was Set Ablaze For An Offence He Did Not Commit

The issue of jungle justice in Nigeria required a radical methodology as it's going beyond assumptions.

As per The Punch Online News, on the nineteenth of November 2021 at the village of Yache in the Yala nearby legislature of Cross-Rivers express, a devious demonstration of jungle justice happened in which three young men were set burning for their inclusion in an alleged theft.

It happened that the mother of one of the casualties whose name was Anthony described the way in which some furious horde came to her mom's home in the village of Yache, Alifokpa to drag Anthony, (his child) who had been helping her mom in the village out, and he was pushed to the scene where he and the other two young men who had been gotten by the crowd were beaten barbarously and they were set on fire.

Recommended picture of a criminal set on fire

As per the mother of Anthony, whose name was Pauline Okpahefufe, which said Anthony was blameless of the wrongdoing, yet the crowd couldn't permit him to clarify his part in the charges till he was set on fire with the other two young men.

What happened a while later was the way she figured out how to orchestrate cops to capture individuals who were associated with the jungle justice and till the second no real capture had been made, aside from some young men who has no significant connection to the case were captured, and that implies the principle offenders has not been secured up till now.

Anthony, the deceased

As of now, the guilty parties are supposed to be locally and they have not been captured.

This is one of the most exceedingly awful things that is occurring in our general public, reality here is that at whatever point we can get a hoodlum, the proper thing to do is to take them to the police headquarters, it is the obligation of the police to research the matter and do the needful, not that we should place a law into our hands.

The main thing currently is that nobody is certain whether or not a portion of these ladies are the guilty party on the grounds that the jungle justice occurred which shouldn't be for what it's worth against Nigeria.

Taking everything into account, the mother of Anthony is currently asking the Cross River state government, Nigerian pioneers, and the whole Nigerians at present to come to her guide since her child that was set burning has no hand in the theft which he was killed for.

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