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Resident Coordinator issues another statement without action as Mswati’s forces shoot and killing

 UN Resident Coordinator Ms Nathalie Ndongo-Seh has issued another statement without any action as pro-democracy protests manifest into chaos in this tiny Kingdom of eSwatini.

This comes amid protests that turned chaotic after school children intensified protests against King Mswati, these demonstrations were later joined by University students and public transport employees.

On Thursday ,the UN Resident Coordinator in eSwatini released a statement calling upon all stakeholders to exercise utmost restraint and restore an environment that is conducive for an Emaswati-owned dialogue.

“The United Nations in Eswatini is particularly concerned by the latest developments in the country, with the involvement of the youth and school children, and public transport workers, in the protests. The United Nations in Eswatini has noted with concern scenes of children taking to the streets to air grievances of various nature, the burning of schools and school equipment in different parts of the Kingdom of Eswatini, the violent reaction of some elements of the country’s security forces that has resulted in, reportedly, arrests and injuries sustained by unarmed civilians, including children”, read the statement in part.

The UN then promised to engage the government and other stakeholders to support a peaceful resolution to the current tensions.

Worthnoting is that the UN released a statement on or around June 2021 calling for calm after government's forces shot and killed dozens of civilians, the Government forces continued with the crackdown on unarmed civilians.


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