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The Protests will start again Tomorrow, Here's how to prepare.

South Africa may be in trouble once again as a major strike is set too happen tomorrow. In light of July's events, many South Africans are now weary of strike action as you never know what it could lead too. Below I will give you all the information you need, as well as how you can properly prepare and protect yourself.

Impending Strike Action :

The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa have confirmed that there strike will be starting on the fifth of October. This strike is in response to wage negotiations not going as planned. At the moment we do not know how long the strike will last or how widespread it will be, however we cannot condemn it outright. This is simply people wanting more money to sustain there lifestyles, which is something that is seriously needed in South Africa. However while we cannot condemn the strike, we can prepare for it. This is the measures you can take.

What can you do :

While not all strikes turn violent, many of them can, so preparing for them is essential. Before you or your children leave the house in the morning, please check the news and online to make your the routes you take are clear. Strikers often block roads to try and hinder the economy. If there are reports of violence in any area than under no circumstances should you enter that area. There is a very real possibility that people can die during strikes, so please do not put your life in danger. Tomorrow may be a good day to take off from work as we never know what will happen.

While we prepare, lets not forget that these are still human beings exercising their right to fight for a better life, and until they do something illegal, they are victims of the system just like the rest of us. So show compassion and stand with them if you, if you can't than don't hinder them. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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