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Watch| Woman Claims That Zimbabwean Protesters Are Outside StatsSA; Demanding Employment



Illegal immigrants have become a problem in South Africa. It is alleged that the illegal immigrants here are mostly from Zimbabwe but South Africans have had enough with all of them. They have flooded our country and they have taken so many of our because of the cheap labor they offer jobs living South Africans hungry and unemployed.

Movements have been formed to remove illegal immigrants from the streets of Mzansi and another political leader Julius Malema has been going around many food businesses checking whether the ratio of employed South Africans and foreign nationals is correct or not. Recently Zimbabwean illegal immigrants were camped outside the Beitbridge border post coming up with ways to enter South Africa and they ended up finding it.


Zimbabweans are now demanding too much from South Africa. They know that they have overstayed their welcome but they are still fighting to stay and are fighting for our jobs. In February 2022, all South Africans will be counted and recorded by Statistics SA. However, people have registered and appointed to count all South Africans. As it is now a few days before it starts, Zimbabwean nationals see fit that they get the jobs as well.

They have decided to camp outside the Stats SA company, burning tires as they demand employment, it alleged that people are unable to move to their next location as there is a roadblock.

Public's Response

It's believed that this video is fake because protesters are not seen and people are pleading with people to stop spreading lies. But some believe that this is an act that can be done by Zimbabweans as they believe that they are entitled to every job in South Africa.

Author's Response

I would have found it funny if it was true because they ran away from their problems back in Zimbabwe and came here to be our problem. We must fight these people, they may be many but they do not dominate. This is our country, we must fight for what belongs to us. South Africa is for South Africans.

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