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Justice for Indian Boy murdered by looters still being sought, will they ever get it.

While the Country has almost completely forgotten about the looting and unrest in July, and the economy is recovering. Not everyone is ready to let it go as one group still seeks justice. With a reward being offered and posts still being put on Social media, they are determined to make the looters pay their crime. All the details are down below.

An update of the events :

When the looting began in July, many people were determined to protect their areas. They formed neighborhood watches and fought against looters trying to enter their area. Sadly in some cases excessive forced was used and people on both sides lost their lives. One of those people was the young man down below.

Now a private organization named Chris Gounden incorporated is offering a fifty thousand Rand reward for justice. They want the looters responsible for his death arrested and convicted. This of course implies something very sad for South Africa.

The Sad truth :

The reality of this situation is that even though this young man was protecting his community when he was killed, the law has still not brought him justice. Instead his just a victim who is being mourned by his family while his killer lives freely.

Because the law has not acted yet, private organizations has to help find justice, however the reality is that they may never get. The same as the other protectors who died in the riots when the came out to protect the members of their communities. The riots were a terrible tragedy, however we thank the good men and woman who stood and fought for the lives of those who were close to them and we pay respect to those who lost their lives. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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