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WATCH: Angry South Africans Are Burning Infrastructure; Demanding Free Electricity.

Every South African has the right to peaceful protest, but some of these rallies are led by foolish and disruptive people who believe that destroying infrastructure is a means to making their opinions heard.

When it comes to student demonstrations demanding free education and other resources, there are always authorities who try to put out the fires on campuses, but most of the students at the forefront operate in the most anti-democratic way, and they don't care about the impact of college closure on impoverished students.

Students are not the only ones who support disruptive protests. When citizens demand anything from the government, many of them pillage and burn infrastructure.

According to many accounts, there is a protest action this morning outside the R28 townhouses between West Village and Uncle Harry's. The road has been obstructed by garbage cans, and there are burning tyres in some places.

Residents are seeking free power, and in order to force the authorities to listen to their complaints, they have determined that burning what little they have is a viable option.


Because protestors have the outrageously incorrect perception that the government ignores them, that they are marginalized and not listened to, the culture of burning items during rallies has grown prevalent.

University students have held the country hostage by burning classrooms and hurling firebombs into student buses in the erroneous belief that doing so will force the government to provide free education.

Whatever the merits of their proposal, they didn't even need to boycott courses for a week because there was no opposition to their demand. However, Marxists defended the violence by blaming colonialism for the corruption of their deeds. That is the moral issue that our country is facing; accepting responsibility is not part of the leadership culture.

Entitlements such as free electricity have resulted in the destruction of facilities such as clinics and schools due to a failure to meet demand. The majority of those who turn to such are lawless and dissatisfied with their jobs.

What is the solution? The government must address the unemployment situation in order for people to cease seeking handouts and to impose discipline on rowdy protestors.

At the end of the day, every person has a stake in the nation, and no one has a compelling justification to claim that they are excluded and that the only way to gain attention is to burn down infrastructure.

NB| Some images are not from the event and are just used for illustration purposes.

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