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Parade protest


Students at Stellenbosch are protesting against the incident that happened to their fellow brothe

Angry students outside Huis Marais at Stellenbosch University, protesting following an incident in which a white student broke into a black student's room at the residence and urinated on his property. "Disgusting," some say.

The incident of the white student breaking into a black student's room is really going viral because student's in Stellenbosch University are now protesting against the incident. It is pleasing to see the student's standing for another.

Here are comments on the matter:

"I'm glad that I see some white students joining this protest. Racism cannot be only be fought by Black people,Coulored people&Indian people. It must be not be tolerated by all race groups in SA.During the Apartheid yrs, the white Afrikaners fought against it."

"What I like is the unity there white and black fighting one thing racism in one song"

"I am glad this incident is getting attention however it is one of many that have been ignored over the years."

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