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Three ANC Heavy Weights in Court Today 21 September 2021

Today the courts are very busy, appearing are three ANC heavy weights for various reasons and changes. They are, Jacob Zuma, probably in absentia Arthur Frazer, probably to give medical evidence, on why he released Jacob Zuma on medical parole, and Madame Bathabile "Smallanyana Skeletons" Dlamini, on perjury charges. It really busy today. All these appearances are centered around corruption of one form or another. Well we should not be too surprised. After all, the ANC's President did say the ANC is accused number one in corruptionRamaphosa is making sure come next ANC conference the entire Zuma camp is gone because they may be an obstacle, for his run to second term campaign. Bathabile thought she will be safe because of the guptas, but things turned out somehow and they are not looking good because she lied to the court. Why was Bathabile never imprisoned for stealing money from Parliament, why was she never imprisoned for SASSA corruption?

What I know is that all the big case in south africa are postponed, I don't know whether our court are not ready or not but non of them have processed, now her court case is postponed to the first of October

Read Bathabile's full story here: beautiful country has a shocking history nothing to be proud of, but black leadership in most African countries are no different, go back and do research and you'll see that most have become dictators and have ruled with an iron fist in a ruthless manner, people have been tortured, people have gone missing

People have been locked away without trial, sentenced to long sentences for trivial offences, attempts have been made to stifle the media and you see extreme wealth among the politicians, no different to what we've witnessed here over so many years, for example Robert Mugabe was the 5th wealthiest leader in the world, just take a look at the extreme wealth among the ANC stalwarts how is this possible and why is it being allowed to continue at great expense to the people, the economy and the country

Zuma may have difficulty in counting high numbers but he is an expert strategist in subterfuge, and dodging the consequences of his criminal activities, he was not trained in Russia and China for no reason. He will dodge and dive his longed for day in court, until hell freezes over or he dies of playing golf with Shabir Sheik, this mastermind of State capture is no Popeye.

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