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She Might Be innocent: The Rosemary case may not be what you think it is. Opinion.

Background :

Rosemary is currently standing trial for the murder of multiple family members. Something that's claimed she has done for the insurance money. The narrative currently shows her as a evil Women who planned murders without showing emotion and than reaped the benefits of those murders. The South African public has already condemned her and accepts this narrative as the truth. However sometimes things are never as they seem and we shouldn't judge too quickly. Here's some reasons she might be innocent.

The mind is tricky :

Rosemary has a history of sketchy mental health history. One that calls into question how sane she is. Going further than that we can safely say that her behavior in the courts is at the least bizarre. As she stands trial, can her mind really be trusted. If she did indeed commit those murders, did she do it because she didn't know what she was doing, or does it go further. Having a fragile mind means she could have easily been manipulated by an outside source. What if an outside source committed those murders and than put the blame on her. If your wondering who that outside source is, she mentions it herself in her statement.

The other man in her life :

Rosemary says that she was coached to admit to the murders, which she stands strong in the belief that she never committed. She claimed that she was made to say this by a man named Njabulo Kunene. This is the man she allegedly hired to kill her sister, who later turned to the police. However, this man should he considered an equal suspect, as he had initially accepted her alleged offer. This means that Rosemary isn't the only suspect, and when the law takes its course and all the evidence has come to light. The result may be different from what we think it is.

Where does this leave the case :

This leaves us at a very sensitive place. While the case is ongoing, we shouldn't be too quick to judge as we personally do not have all the evidence. As it stands, any one could have committed and orchestrated these murders. As we follow along with this case let's keep an open mind. Who knows what we might learn. Tell me in the comments section what you think of these observations and follow for more news as it happens.

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