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Cyril Might Be Blamed For Marikana Massacre, High Court Finds


Although it's been years since the Marikana massacre, it seems as if it is slowly catching up with president Cyril Ramaphosa who is one of those responsible for the massacre, and could have taken a wise decision to resolve the mine workers issues amicably.

Marikana widows and some mine workers are now hitting president Cyril Ramaphosa hard as they are in court demanding compensation for the massacre of 34 miners who were demanding a salary increase.

The complaints are being represented by advocate Dali Mpofu, and they brought a R1 million lawsuit against president Cyril Ramaphosa. Although this case is still on ongoing, the High Court finds that Ramaphosa might carry blame for the massacre.

It is on the record that president Cyril Ramaphosa wrote the email giving a go ahead for concomitant action, and many feel this was an irresponsible decision which was not thought through by those who were in charge at that time.

Ramaphosa who had promised to go and apologize to Marikana widows, never did and the widows feel that the president remains untouched by what happened at Marikana. The mine workers however send him a clear message when he visited North West in an attempt to address the workers, as they chased him away.

They were also singing songs asking him who murdered their brothers in Marikana, and wanted a response from him.

Critics argue that it will be impossible to talk of the Marikana massacre without pointing fingers at Ramaphosa as he was one of those who made the decision that heavily armed police should go to Marikana to deal with protesting mine workers.

Critics said this ruling by high court doesn't surprise them as they have always known that Ramaphosa is liable for Marikana Massacre. 

"Remember the chant, you killed people in marikana? His problems are becoming a lot daily hey it's going to be a very long journey to convince us to put that X come 2024," they said.

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