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The end of the road for chief justice, what is your view about his term ending?

 The chief justice that is celebrated by many people in south Africa, a true honest man and also not afraid to speak out when something is wrong reached the breaking moment the moment of his term ending as the chief justice in The concourt, one of the most difficult key positions in The country.

Many wanted his term to be extended but this couldn't happen because he served his time with honesty and now it is time that he must now pave his way to other things in life, justice mogoeng remains to be optimistic about the future he was dedicated to His position a man who hated corruption.

The truth is always difficult to say but for The greatest chief justice mogoeng it was not difficult for him to tell the truth.

This is the breaking moment for many south Africans as many people trusted the chief justice when It comes to difficult following the road of the truth when It comes to implementing the law he was the sharpest chief justice in South Africa.

The chief justice was also involved in some of the hard measures in The country of implementation of the law, he was also involved when the former president Jacob Zuma was arrested.

The arrest of the former president Jacob Zuma was the biggest example of implementing The law in country when it comes to wrong doing, the former president acted like he is above the law and this pushed the state to deal with such behaviour.

The most difficult thing as the chief justice is to be honest and to be corruption free in all matters, this is because the position is key and everyone wants the government to do The right thing to shoe that the law must always be respected by all citizens, it doesn't matter about your position but what matters is to do The right thing for country which is to protect the resources of the state out if the hands of corrupt people.

Many south Africa are heartbreaking to see the honest chief justice leaving, he is regarded as someone who always protected the resources of the state.

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