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OPINION| Gareth Cliff is a victim of his socialization

Gareth Cliff is a victim of his socialization and as a result has been collateral damage on his supposedly "unintended" ignorance about racism in Azania! NANDOS has terminated his contract with them, it is reported. You see, once a people are socialized in a racist environment, they live with this false sense of superiority and they become the authority about the resultant pain they inflict on their victims. This superiority complex negates humility and attracts arrogance. This arrogance is actually normal to them. If you tell them about it, they are actually surprised, they think you are abnormalGareth is probably very innocent in his conduct. He doesn't know any other human being other than himself, I'm trying to show you how apartheid can also destroy it's beneficiaries, Gareth Cliff has always benefited from the media coverage he gets and I don't think we should add to that. An arrogant white liberal who thinks he is better than other whites, because he may date a black woman does not take away his white privilege

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