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Divorce Affair

’Cheating’ husband still entitled to share wife’s pension money

A divorced woman must share her pension because she was married in community of property and thus the husband was entitled to half of everything. Picture: FilePretoria - A Limpopo lady whose spouse separated from her following 35 years of marriage lost her legitimate bid not to share her benefits of more than R2.8 million with him. 

The lady, who can't be distinguished as her application in the Polokwane High Court frames a piece of a separation activity, requested a request that her now previous "cheating" spouse relinquish half of her benefits cash 

The gatherings were hitched in local area of property and consequently the spouse was qualified for half of everything. In any case, the lady said his conduct, which as per her prompted their inevitable separation, ought to be denounced via requesting that he relinquish his portion of her annuity reserve. 

The court, nonetheless, managed against the lady and requested that the spouse ought to accept his portion. This was on the grounds that the lady knew for about 10 years about his supposed treachery, yet she decided to overlook it. 

The lady, a resigned instructor, affirmed that she and her better half got hitched in local area of property in 1985. She expressed that on her retirement from dynamic assistance in 2019 she was paid a singular amount annuity advantage of R2 840 000 


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As indicated by her, her significant other should relinquish his portion, because of his "unfortunate behavior." 

She affirmed that her application for relinquishment depended on the wrongdoing with respect to the respondent (spouse) and the conditions that led to the breakdown of the marriage. 

She said the issues in their marriage began during 2007, when her better half began having an additional a conjugal illicit relationship with one of his workers. She became mindful of this after somebody called her and informed her concerning the issue. 

As indicated by her, she and her better half every once in a while quarreled over his undertaking. 

She stood up to him about it at that point and she let the court know that her better half then, at that point, attacked her, by gnawing her finger. 

The lady said since that occurrence things had deteriorated and they in the end chose to see a marriage mentor together. 

"During the meeting, he let the instructor know that this extramarital undertaking is something in him. He additionally said that in case there is a man who doesn't have an escort, that man is a dolt," the spouse told the court. 

As per her, her significant other additionally let the advocate know that he could have constantly special ladies. She said that was the point at which she let the advocate know that she didn't see the meeting going anyplace. 

She told her better half at the time that she was determined that they should remain a couple, yet that they would not share intimate privileges or get physically involved with one another until he told her that he was "burnt out on having courtesans". 

Yet, things didn't transform, she said, as she now and again got her significant other and his escort in his left vehicle. 

She likewise found that he had given his paramour a portion of the group of dairy cattle which she and her better half had collected throughout the long term. 

The spouse, then again, rejected that he had an unsanctioned romance and said the lady whom his better half asserted was his sweetheart, was just a business partner whom he every now and then offers business guidance to. 

Concerning missing steers, he said that some were offered to purchase feed for the rest, some were taken and others had passed on. 

He ultimately started the separation procedures around 2017, as he guaranteed that they had just floated separated. The spouse additionally whined that his significant other kept intimate privileges. 

In turning down the spouse's application for her significant other to relinquish half of her annuity cash, the court said that she, voluntarily, had allowed the respondent to keep having extramarital illicit relationships "until he became weary of that".

’Cheating’ husband still entitled to share wife’s pension money (

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