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A guy was arrested for “FREE EDUCATION”,3 years later he can’t afford fees, will Malema help him?

So here is an interesting story. I guess you all remember when Malema was making noise about this whole Free education thing. He then got support from many students who thought that the free education is a way to go seeing that many students were struggling to get Jon’s after they had finished with their degrees.

There were so many students who were protesting across all over varsities and then there were some shootout where other students were hurt and needed medical attention.other students were arrested for destroying school properties. 

Now few years after this , here comes a guy who was part of the fight against free education. He says today on his Twitter account that he was arrested during that time for 6 months and then after he went out of jail, he was then house arrested for 3 years . At the moment he tried to register at the varsity and he got accepted. Problem he can not register because he doesn’t have enough cash and want South Africa to assist him.

Many people told him to call Zuma and Malema who were supporting this who Feww education thing. It’s really tough for the poor guy. Will Malema attend to him?Will the government also assist him? Please give us your thoughts.

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