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These Two Ladies Want To Put An End To Illegal Migration In SA, But There Is a Problem

Two South African ladies are working tirelessly to make sure that the problem of illegal immigration, Undocumented foreigners and unsolicited refugees is permanently dealt with. While Victoria is working under South Africans First group, Kwena Molekwa is working with putting South Africans first group. These two ladies have been using every platform at their disposal to protest against the constant encroaching of South Africa by illegal immigrants who jump the borders. Their major focuses are Zimbabweans. One of them was quoted to have said that once Zimbabweans are deported, the issue of unemployment will be solved. But many people believe this is not true. The setback the ladies are having is that some South Africans are against them, verbally attacking them on social media and calling them xenophobic people. Some even call them names and also proceed to block them. They have also come under intense criticism for focusing on mainly Zimbabweans. 

Sporadically they also face threatening from both citizens of South Africa and foreigners as well. Recently, a South African lady accused Kwena Molekwa of fuelling violence, telling her that she will not go score free if her careless statement turn into a xenophobic attack. After she was threatened a few days ago on Twitter, she replied that she is not afraid, “Are you threatening me with your people? I never spoke of anyone being scared of me, only you assumed that! But again this is My Land, My country! I will not be intimidated by a Zimbabwean & fellow Foreigners!”. Some people are already calling on the government to arrest her, declaring that she made many xenophobic statements during a Twitter space event and many people allegedly recorded her speech which was said to be promoting violence and verbal attacks on foreigners, especially Zimbabweans. 

It should be noted that many people who have been tagged as xenophobic people have had their Twitter accounts suspended after gaining millions of followers. Victoria, on the other hand, is not afraid of whatever the outcome of her struggle is. She said that she is not xenophobic but rather being patriotic. Kwena Molekwa had accused some South Africans of benefiting from cheap labour supplied by illegal immigrants, “Baleka Mbete one of the Political elites that benefits from cheap illegal immigrants Labour, the same people who tell us how they “fought for this Country" today have sold SA and the struggle of Workers! Baleke owns 146 trucks, she has hired 136 Zimbabweans & only 10 SA!”. 

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