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CR17BankStatements: Here are the 2 possible Outcomes on Cyril Ramaphosa's Case(Opinion)

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South Africans have been waiting for too long now , They have been waiting for the unsealing of the CR17 Bank statements. No one knows the really truth if that which is inside the bank statements of CR17, but all citizens of South African are dying to see that which is inside the bank statements as it is believed that the President of the Country is too corrupt.

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The economic Freedom fighters is the 3rd largest political party in South African. They have been vocal throughout the years concerning the fighting of Corruption within their political party and in Government. Also on the issue of CR17 bank statements, they have been in the fore front from the start going forward .

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Those who knows the organization, they will tell you that they don’t easily give up when it comes to matters , but they fight till the end and they ensure that at the end . They end up declaring victory. They are surely one of the determined political organizations in the Republic of South African. They stand for their story.

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The outcomes of today’s court hearing are capable of many things. Starting from his personal life as the president of the country and to him being the president of the organization. These outcomes are even capable of causing destructions within the African National Congress on its own.

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One of the First possible outcomes regarding the Cyril Ranaphosa case , is that the court will allow the unsealing of the bank statements and indicate that they must be made available to the parliament and the public. The court can further say he mislead the public on the bosasa funding.

If results were to be in this manner, it was gonna result in a big issue within the structures of the African National Congress, as the Step aside resolution was gonna deal with their president.

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Another possible outcomes being that one of indicating that the president of the Country didn’t mislead the parliament and the court doesn’t have powers to unseal CR17 Bank statements.

This will not harm the African National Congress and including him as the president of the Country .

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