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Parade protest


"This" means Ramaphosa's Elderly sister might in trouble see why

President Ramaphosa allegedly phoned his older sister and told her to lock the doors to protect her health after Soweto residents protested against the lack of electricity. "Lock the door and don't open for anyone "

President Cyril Ramaphosa gave to his sister Ivy Ramaphosa who lives in Soweto as a resident not to open her door because of the protest that are protected outside her house over a recent electricity blackout.

This comes after residents of Soweto protested against the alleged power outage. We know that some people are not paying for electricity, which means that they do not get enough electricity because most people are in debt.

We know that when there are protests here people do damage because they are angry which leaves some families crying because others are dying because of the protests.

So even President Ramaphosa did a good thing to tell her sister to locked her doors because there's a protest and people they act violent whenever they protest especially for service delivery.

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