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The ConCourt should not have sent Zuma to prison. Appearing does not mean he was going to answer.

Most people enjoy their retirement with grandchildren and trips to overseas. Others take up a hobby to keep busy while living whatever years they have left.

But Jacob Zuma on the other hand is not enjoying his retirement. Instead he has legal challenges coming for him from all sides.

There are two dominant cases for Zuma to answer to. One is the arms deal and another is on the medical parole release.

Arthur Fraser released Zuma on medical parole so that he can serve the remaining months sitting at home.

The litigious Democratic Alliance did not take this matter lying down. In an effort to score cheap political points the DA took the decision on review by the courts.

As it is always the norm the judge agreed with the DA, no surprises there. The Constitutional Court was overzealous when it sentenced a former statesman and an old man who has commodities during a deadly pandemic to 15 months in prison.

It was almost as if the Constitutional Court had a score to settle. Sure Zuma ignored their little call to appear at a time and money wasting Zondo commission.

Zuma and the Department of Correctional services are getting ready to challenge the ill-advised judgment by the high court of declaring the decision to release him from prison on medical parole.

We all agree that Zuma has cases to answer to and if found guilty he must rot in prison, but on this case the masses will rise and defend him.

The showdown will be held in August this year and the masses will be monitoring it with keen interest. What happened in July last year was unprecedented and should never be seen ever again.

Zuma is also getting ready to face corruption charges regarding the arms deal. Things are getting heavy for the old man.


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