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Immigration policy

250 000 Zimbabweans asked the High Court to declare them permanent SA residents.

Ever since early 2000s, high-income nations have enacted a slew of policies aimed at attracting highly skilled migrants who are seen as net contributors to their host society. In general, extremely competent migrants benefit from a plethora of socioeconomic options, as well as expedited procedures for converting temporary visas to permanent residency.

South Africa has attempted to take advantage of this trend by enacting domestic legislation and policy that encourages the entry of highly trained employees, hence promoting economic growth. Just recently the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Holders Association, which represents over R250 000 Zimbabweans living in South Africa, has posted a message on social media begging with the SA government to kindly grant those Zimbabweans permanent status in South Africa.

They want the government to issue them South African IDs in addition to giving them permanent residency in South Africa because they've been living in the country for a long time.


In addition to seeking local citizenship, the organisation has requested South African identification documents based on permanent presence in Mzansi and in accordance with the Immigration Act and the Identification Act.

The court was also requested to investigate Home Affairs' decision to renew residency permits "knowing that the holders of the permit have known no other home for more than 10 years."

They're seeking for permanent residency in the country now because their permits are set to expire in November, leaving them with only two weeks before they'll be in the country illegally.

Thus far, no authority from the Department of Home Affairs has responded to the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Holders Association's pleas, but you can't really blame them because South Africa still has its own problems to solve, and Zimbabweans should go to Zimbabwe to fix their country rather than hiding in this country.

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