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Pastor gets two life terms in jail for rape and sexually grooming minors' congregants

Pastor Lucky Mfanivele Magagula sentenced to two life terms.

A 36-year-old minister has been condemned to two life terms in addition to 25 years in jail for assaulting three minor gatherers of his Etwatwa church in Barcelona, Ekurhuleni, and physically prepping others.

Sitting in the Benoni Magistrate's Court on Friday, the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria condemned Lucky Magagula for assault, presenting kids to porn, rape, presenting his private parts to youngsters and physically preparing six minor youngsters, matured three, four, six, eight and nine.

He was a minister in Barcelona, a little local area where every one of his casualties resided.

Public Prosecuting Authority (NPA) representative Lumka Mahanjana said the appointed authority requested that Magagula's name be added to the public register for sexual wrongdoers and that he be pronounced ill suited to have a gun.

"This is after Judge Jay Monyemangene viewed him to be unquestionablyblameworthy of three counts of assault, five counts of presenting kids to porn, six counts of rape, and four counts of presenting private parts to youngsters and sexual prepping on 5 August 2022," she said.

One of the casualties was an overall who lived in his area.

In a family meeting after the occurrence, he admitted to assaulting the youngster, Mahanjana said.

"He assaulted the eight-and nine-year-old minors, and further physically attacked and physically prepared them along with three others somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2021 when they would go to his home for ensemble practice and book of scriptures study."

The NPA said it was accounted for to the police after two young ladies mimicked how Magagula had treated them.

The young ladies' grandma told their folks, who hauled Magagula to the neighborhood police headquarters.

He was captured on 11 February last year.

In exacerbation of Magagula's sentence, State advocate Juliet Makgwatha let the court know that Magagula was a minister locally and that the youngsters confided in him.

He sold out that trust and abused kids in the most frightful way, the supporter submitted.

In monumental the sentence Monyemangene concurred with the State and said "the kids were denied of their life as a youngster" and that Magagula presented them to something that will influence them until the end of their lives.

Head of Public Prosecutions Sibongile Mzinyathi commended the examiner's work, the court and the police agent.

He added that he trusted the sentence would convey serious areas of strength for a that wrongdoings against kids and ladies wouldn't go on without serious consequences.

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