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White lady beaten after calling this black mother a Monkey

It can be challenging for white individuals to fully comprehend the concept of racism at times. The primary reason for this is that they do not wish to gain knowledge about the dark history of this country.

They most certainly do not want to hear about how they are currently benefiting from all of the terrible things that have happened in the past or are still occurring to people of color, nor do they want to hear about how they are benefiting from the things that are happening right now. And in practically every country on the planet, there are black people who hold racist views.

Watch this video that was just taken recently. After calling this black woman a monkey, the white woman was barely beaten, and people didn't even bother to interrupt the fight because they heard her. It is difficult to acknowledge, but the practice of apartheid against black people appears to have no end in sight. It's not fair to label someone a beast simply because they have proudly dark skin like you do; it's not right. Following what has recently taken place, it is unfortunate that the child will experience traumatic effects.


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