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Parade protest


Breaking news| Durban police spotted dragging girls on the floor for protesting. Watch video.


Videos of Police in Durban pointing guns and dragging school girls on the floor is all over social media and people want answers. The videos show a female student who is said to be in grade 11 being manhandled by both security personnel and a Durban Policeman.

According to several students, after a racism-related disagreement with the principal, the students of Effingham Secondary School staged a "peaceful" protest.

"It was the second day of courses and no one had shown up; the students had never hit anyone, but after school, security was summoned and began firing rubber bullets at the students, injuring a girl in grade 11; teargas was also fired near the school.

"The security officer with the gun beat the girl in the video and refused to let her leave. Even after her mother came, they proceeded to pull her down the street.


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