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Parade protest


The locals were infuriated | Foreigners were Protesting and blockading the road | Post | See

The request of foreigners to leave South Africa by locals was, this was because the immigrants living in South Africa from various neighbouring countries, had blocked the road in Pretoria, they were protesting driving to the US embassy in Pretoria with the flags of the country they come from lifted, but local south Africans were not free with immigrants and asylum seekers protesting in the countries and blocking the move of cars. The protest is reported to be of the attack of tigray malitia in Ethiopia.

The protest looked to be lawful, the police were not seen interfering or firing the crowds which had flags of various countries protesting in front of the US embassy. But South Africans against foreigners and alleging that foreigners are destroying the country were infuriated by the protestors and saying they have too much freedom in country that is foreign and should protest in countries they come from and not in foreign country




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