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5 Powerful Indoor Plants That Can Help Bring You Wealth, Health, Love, and Luck!

Do you know that apart from aesthetics and freshness, plants also has the power to attract health, wealth, love, prosperity or in short good luck into your home.So if you are looking to spruce up your home to welcome a new season with stylish décor bubbling with fresh energy and positive green vibe all around, then bring home these 5 plants and welcome home good luck along with it. Even experts will vouch for these plants.


Jasmine is a plant that is said to bring positive vibes and luck to your relationship. The sweet smell of the plant removes the negative energy from the room, so it should be planted in a room where you will enjoy time with your loved ones.


They are beautiful and adored the most. Roses are believed to attract love and luck. Moreover, different colours exude specific energies. For instance, white roses purify and heal, while a white rose with red markings symbolizes devotion and passion. On the other hand, peach roses bring peace, spirituality and friendship, lavender ones can be used to enhance spirituality in life, pink variants attract romance while red attracts true love. Fuchsia roses are meant to express deep love and acceptance of your body -fat or slim, doesn't matter.

3.Money Plant

Another famous one, among the good luck plant names, is this green climber. Money plant work both ways, i.e., plant it in proper soil and water it regularly or use an old glass bottle and let it enjoy the water company. A myth related to money plant says that it flourishes best when planted after one has stolen, one of the existing climber branches.

Money Plant

4.Snake Plant

Funnily referred to as the mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant when placed in an ideal position is deemed to be a plant of good luck as it absorbs the poisonous gases from the air and eliminates the toxins It also exudes strong protective energy and shields the residents from negative energy.

5.Bamboo plant

Probably one of the most used plants in homes and offices, Bamboos have forever been known for their good luck charm. If potted in the right direction, they can give your home the much needed dose of wealth and prosperity. Although the name is quite misleading they are actually called Dracaena. They are excellent air purifiers as they work their magic to cleanse the air of all impurities and provide a sustained effect in the house.

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Jasmine Love Luck


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