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10 Most Beautiful Houses In Limpopo

Many people always ask that where does the Limpopo people find money to build beautiful houses, Well the answer is that they work hard and some of them have businesses and some of them are working. Building a Beautiful House does not mean you had The money required to build it, They go and Want loans from the bank and others they Save the money. People if can understand that nothing that happens like magic everything needs hard work they will excell in life.


The house was builded from the mountain the costing for it is roughly around R12 Million the thing that cause the house to be more expensive it because of the materials they are genuine and strong.


This house was builded from the Village and the cost for building it was roughly around R4 Million.


The house was truly builded with a unique design and can be considered as a Dream House, it costing is roughly around R3 Million.


Such a Beautiful House This one we call it an Heaven it roughly cost R3 million to build it.


This one is like a Palace but the costing is roughly around R2.8 Million.


This one is like a Hotel and the way it was builds it shows the That those who builds the house are talented. The costing is roughly around R2,5 Million


Who can own a swimming pool in the Village but here is the House it Gorgeous. It roughly cost R1,5 Million to build it.


Good looking House and everyone Dream house it cost R1 Million to build it.


This the modern big house the aluminum windows makes everything to be perfect the cost is roughly around R850 000


Every one can have a dream home like this it roughly cost R400 000 to build it.

The price for the house includes Labour and planning sometimes the price varies by the material used to build the house, But Limpopo is Representing The beauty Of South Africa. People From Limpopo they need to be Thanked for the good work they Are doing.

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