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Why you should celebrate when bees are attracted to you or your home.

Bees are a sign of good luck, they represent the ancestors and you shouldn't kill or chase it away if it enters your house as it poses no threat.

This is according to Sangoma Nzama Maluleke. He said often people rush to spray and kill them and that means you are killing your luck.

He says if a bee enters your home, within 3 days one person in your family is viubd to receive good news.

Nzama says he rejoices everytime a bee enters his Indumba(hut) because he knows that the ancestors are personally with him. And every patient coming in, regardless of their problem, they will leave with a solution.

Gogo says if a bee enters your house, do not chase away bees and they wont sting, they will only fight back if provoked.


Have you ever had visitation from bees in your home and experienced any sudden luck?

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Gogo Indumba( Nzama Sangoma Nzama Maluleke


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