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Thinking about which Window frames to put in your house? Read this

When building or extending property we learn on the new trends for modern houses and this can leave you conflicted as to which type of Windows to install. Should you put in aluminium windows or stick to the traditional windows?

There are many rumours for each type of window frames. One of them being that aluminium window panes are easy to remove them from outside.

Upon speaking to Shadrach who manufacturers aluminium window panes he says this is not true.

" The possible way to remove the window pane from outside is only if it was not properly done.

The rubber that we use pushes hard to make it difficult to tamper with the glass unless if you break the glass".

Although when he moves around he sometimes see the shoddy work done on production of aluminium windows. The best thing is to order from a reputable fabricator to avoid poor quality that you will not even notice as a customer because you do not have much knowledge about checking the quality of your windows.

If you chose alluminium, make sure that your buglar bars are properly fixed to the wall.

Many criminals target aluminium windows when there are no baglar bars. They carefully open the window from outside with a knife and enter the house. This is elucidated by having buglars. That way even if they remove the frame u know the bars will protect u

If you're in a crime invested place alluminiam will be a disappointment,one morning we woke up to a window which it's glass is neatly removed bcos it's glass is not mounted with a (patty)but a rubber band that can easily be removed by a knife,

Alluminiam windows are fashionable and good looking but not safe,

If u install them make sure the perimeter fence is a security on its own. This can be done by having a good wall on the circumference of the house.

Hope is not lost though as The aluminium windows are better and cheaper, since it comes with a thicker glasses and tightly closes without any noise or preventing dust from getting into your house. They give a very beautiful look to the house.

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