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Nomore Alcers Mongana (Acacia Mellifera)

Acacia mellifera (=Senegalia mellifera) is very drought resistant, hardy, thickset, deciduous Acacia with vicious, hook thorns. The bark is purplish-black on the young stems and turns grey with age.

The leaflets are blue-green, round and quite large for an Acacia. It blooms profusely from September to November with scented, white, puffball flowers that are especially fragrant at night.

This plant heals stomach pains and cures fertility problems

This is an african trusted herb, and can heal alcers

Instate of wasting money seeing specialists you can easily make a condition with this plants roots or its buck

The plant has properties to heal stomach pains , and misunderstood stomach reactions

African herbs cure even diseases unknown to professionals so be wise let us all go back to our roots

Africa is vast with knowledge,culture and nature

After boiling the concoction just drink one cup

Every 2 days and it you will begin seeing the results emmidiately

No side effects

Usually in Africa it is known that thorny bushes are more safe to eat than , those you don't struggle to get

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Acacia Acacia Mellifera Africa Nomore Senegalia


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