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Fiction, Kganyapa, The Giant Snake Of Riches and Luck

There is a very popular story that's told in the village about a snake that very few people actually ever get to see, this is the king of the river and protector of the land. This snake is so large that it rarely ever comes out of the river and onto the land, the locals call it Kibatta, which means something scary. The locals say that this snake has protected the land for as long as the village existed, because they can see the drawings on the walls of caves that were left by their ancestors. They say that this snake was there when the world was created and that everything in the land belongs to this snake. They say this because sometimes the snake leaves its home to find a mate, during this time, the river dries up and famine strikes the land with the harvest being close to nothing. Everytime the snake leaves, something bad happens in the community, this might just be superstition, but you never know. If you actually see this Snake croosing the river, it is said that this symbolizes your life crossing over to the next level, they say that you will become very Rich. They say that the snake crossing the river while you are around is a good sign from the heavens concerning your life, you will become a very lucky man. Be careful because this is a very large snake, it can fill the whole width of the river when trying to cross it. This is truly a majestic beast.

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Giant Snake Of Kganyapa Luck Riches Snake


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