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Mzansi was struck stunned by a message from Cyril Ramaphosa

The coronavirus among South Africans appears to be increasing rather than decreasing, with more cases being reported every day, placing the government under undue pressure to employ solutions to save the country's citizens.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has received a message from a man named Rob on Twitter. The pandemic is over, and Ramaphosa's legacy will be nil, Rob stated to Ramaphosa. He went on to add that the New version isn't as dangerous as the original. The citizens of South Africa were taken aback. According to some sources, the new strain is just flu, and the reason Cyril Ramaphosa didn't tighten the lockdown limits during the festive season is because hospitals aren't under as much strain as they were when the epidemic first hit South Africa.

As a result, Rob is warning Cyril Ramaphosa of the dangers that would arise if the lockdown restrictions are not lifted completely.

Investors are also reported to be unhappy, which is why Rob, a white man, came forward to the public to deliver this message to Cyril.

The COVID-19 is claimed to be treated as if it were a regular flu, which people are no longer terrified of. People only follow COVID-19 orders when they don't have an option, according to SA citizens. Visiting malls and other public areas necessitates the wearing of a mask, and this is when individuals begin to follow the regulations.

Many people agree with Rob and back him up in his call for Cyril Ramaphosa to end the state of emergency. Please share your ideas in the comments section below, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter for additional news updates.

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