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What happens to your body when you quite sugar.

Sugar is everywhere from foods to drinks whether healthy or unhealthy. Sugar is very hard to avoid as it is everywhere and can be quite addictive. But what will happen if you cut out sugar out of your diet? Well cutting off sugar has been seen to have some amazing Health benefits.

Here is a list of benefits one can have if they cut off sugar.

1. You cut off cravings.

Everytime you indulge into something sweet you increase your body's need for it. Sugar is addictive and cutting it off can stop all those unnecessary cravings.

2. Reduce acne.

It is said that sugar containing foods increase insulin levels which in turn cause skin inflammation which shows clearly through acne breakouts. So cutting off sugar has great benefits for ones skin.

3. Better sleep.

Sugar can cause one to have light sleep and wake up more on the middle of the night. Well cutting off sugar actually does the opposite you will have better, deeper sleep.

4. Weight loss.

Sugar is one of the biggest contributing factors to weight gain. Cutting off sugar will improve your metabolism and help you lose weight.

5. Lower blood pressure.

Sugar has been seen to increase blood pressure and cutting it off will improve your health and prevent heart and kidney complications caused by high blood.

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