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OPINION| It is funny that the new variant was detected among the fully vaccinated people in Botswana

Funny part is that this "new variant" was detected among the fully vaccinated people in Botswana. Is the panic justified? Nobody has determined for certain if omicron is more contagious than the other 32 Delta mutations, whether it makes people sicker, whether it is more pathogenistic and whether it is the most impervious to vaccine immunity and therefore requires a booster.  It was discovered only 4 days ago, but already the questions "if" are assumed to be affirmative until the contrary is proved. The unvaxxed 35 million are being blamed as if they carry the contagion by choice. One would have thought that panic is the wrong way of dealing with a problem. It leads to wrong diagnosis and inappropriate decisions. One can breathe a cautious sigh of relief that the government hasn't reacted with matching draconian policy

The vaxxed are responsible for spreading the virus because once vaccinated many continue to disregard safety protocols. Mandatory vaccination is by way a long short at solving vaccine apathy, especially since there's talk of a third vaccine short to address shortfalls of efficacy. Eddie Henry, have the questions he raised been answered? What has been established in the past four days about it's contagiousness and effect on the vaccinated and immune? I'm all ears, educated us. It seems in hind sight vaccines are there to derive profit than protecting humanity it's like someone calling themselves revolutionary yet expect payments for their influence.The entire world does not have a feasable plan to stop the spread of new mutations caused by corvid meanwhile's main drive is to promote vaccines ay all costs because part of their salaries comes from vaccine investors.The WHO virologists and epideomologists simply gave clear guidelines on protection against covid infection that of the wearing of masks the washing of hands and social distancing which proves to be more effective, than the vaccine itself yet is being undermined when lockdowns get imposed. Vaccines will not stop and people will be vaxxed so many times yet nothing will change, needless to say the vaxxed get infected and die from covid infection

I saw it on Facebook and after living in Botswana for many years was angry and said that Botswana was a very responsible nation, and I felt it was nonsense. But I would strongly advise the ministry to keep careful records of what illnesses the vaccinated people come down with. People are dying in the UK after the vaccine, they say people would get covid worse without a vaccine but I'm not sure how truthful the West is. Would rather advise people to have a good diet so they have a good immune system of their own

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