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HIV cured with black seeds, explained


Black seed is a traditional home remedy also called black cumin. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system and have antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. studies have shown that it also contains anti-cancer agents. To use black seeds, you must heat the raw seeds and grind them before eating them. You can also combine them with honey, water, yogurt or other foods, or apply black seed oil to your skin topically for a beautiful looking skin.

Remember the words: This black seed is a cure for all diseases except death? How to cure HIV? Well, with black seeds.

we invest so much money in the discovery of a cure for HIV, claiming that this seed can cure HIV seems silly. Here are the practical cases:

Case Study 1

A 46-year-old Nigerian took part in a study in which he was prescribed 10 ml of concoction of black seeds 3 times a day by a herbalist. However, he only took the concoction twice a day. According to reports, on the 5th day of treatment, her fever was gone, so was her diarrhea on day 7, and after 20 days her multiple lesions had also disappeared. At the end of the 6-month period, he was HIV-negative.

The patient was seroconverted for 24 months after the initial 6-month treatment period. It was tested several times in 24 months and was still HIV-negative with normal CD4

Case Study 2

In a second study, six HIV-positive patients were recruited and followed for 4 months. Patients were taking a herbal mixture containing black seed and honey as an alternative treatment for HIV infection. In all patients, the symptoms associated with HIV disappeared approximately 20 days after the start of treatment.


Half teaspoon black seed

Half teaspoon of honey

1 glass of warm water

Mold the seeds and mix the seeds with honey, then mix everything in the glass of water

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before breakfast, and in the evening before bedtime.

Let us know if you find this informative, are you going to try this out?

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