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Why We Rub Our Feet Together When We’re Falling Asleep!!

When the hard day is over and we eventually get to the mattress, a maximum of us do an as a substitute inexplicable thing. Without even realizing it, we rub our toes collectively so that we can go to sleep easier. According to what humans discuss on the internet, this is a subject matter that has raised a few questions.

We at Bright Sight simply love those fascinating topics, and we did a little study to discover what the motives may want to be in the back of this habit.

1. It can also additionally be a signal of a sleep disease.

Rubbing your toes in a mattress might not be as innocent as it may appear at first sight. There is a circumstance called periodic limb disease that influences your legs and also you repetitively cramp or jerk them in your sleep. It may have a terrible impact on you and lead to sunlight hours sleepiness. If you rhythmically circulate and rub your legs on the mattress, and it occurs pretty often, this circumstance can be the motive for it.

2. Another clinical circumstance may want to be a motive too.

There may want to be some other as a substitute severe motive for it. If you experience sensations in your legs whilst mendacity down and rubbing or shifting them is the most effective manner you may get relief — it may want to suggest you have stressed legs syndrome. It’s a neurological sensory disease that won’t help you well rest. To make certain you’re affected by it, you want to seek advice from a doctor.

3. It is a subconscious manner of self-soothing.

We attempt to “nest” and get at ease by rubbing our toes collectively. We create the impact of near contact on our pores and skin by doing this and it makes us experience relaxed. Skin is known to be very touchy to outside stimuli, so it can be an effective device in our capacity to unwind after a day complete of stress.

4. It can also additionally simply be a habit.

However, it may want to simply turn out to be an ordinary manner for us to go to sleep, now no longer a clinical circumstance or a physiological phenomenon. Many humans without a doubt rub their toes on the mattress without even noticing it. Even if at first it took place due to the fact of any of the above-stated motives, it may want to have evolved into a simple habit.

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