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Pfizer working on covid vaccine targeting the new variant, what will happen to the current one ?


It's like print media received a memo instructing them to fix the mess they made by last week, they gave too much details and now the hard work and money invested in getting people trust the jab process is compromised, but then every business has casualties maybe its a minor setback, atleast the same media is doing a good job in terms of installing fear. So there'll be a vaccine targeting this Omicry thing and this thing was declared on Wednesday last week. So they have known about it or they were working over the weekend. Funny how quickly they working on another batch of vaccines, someone is getting richer. But scientists are still working on how to understand the virus but already the caccine is being prepared, we are being played hereWhen another variant comes along they gonna develop another vaccines targeting that variant. All this experiment must be fed poor people who don't know what's good for their body, how thoughtful of the scientists and failing government. I believe the SARS family of virus needs one generic vaccine, the strain is not a new virus but a variant with the same core properties. We cant have a new vaccine for every strain, Omocron has 32 potential mutations so that means for Omnicron there should be 32 vaccines for each potential mutation, that's bad science. We use three colours for the traffic light for the visually gifted, the colour blind, the partially blind, and the toy blind, that works fine, we don't have different traffic lights for different types of visual abilitiesBut there are people who still want to go and vaccinate even they see news like, dont they think there is more to this virus, but every one do what they want with their bodies. For the next 65 million variant that are yet to be released you'll need to be vaccinated, and people lot of people will turn into zombies

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