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Local Residents Did This To Get Attention From The Government

The one in a swimming costume came prepared yeses

Potholes in South Africa is major problem we facing as a country. The government is taking too long to fix internal roads.

They are not maintained on yearly basis. The holes end up being open enough for one to make a swimming pool out of it.

On social media there are pictures of residents swimming in the streets making rounds. It looks like the road turned to be a sink whole, so to get attention from the government, they gathered in the streets and took pictures. Children and parents all gathered there.

it is not known were the place is located

User: "Funny enough, these are things that strengthens our immunity. There are bacterias we really need from such environments. Hence doctors were complaining about everything being sanitised and clean during covid because we kill bacterias our body needs "

(Picture credit: All were taken from social media)

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