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How to get your waist back| Fitness

"It is with great sadness to inform you that I have opened a case of theft against the thieves who have stolen my waist. As we wait for insurance to pull through, I will wait and have some tea. Ndine stress wethu" the woman posted on Twitter.

While most of us see a beautiful woman, snatched with a great figure we have to respect the fact that that's not how she sees herself. We all know how women struggle to accept their weight here's a few tips to get you snatched in time for December:

* Do your squats.

Squats target your entire body leaving you looking super sexy and snatched. It mostly targets your glutes and core or abs. Get that body girl.

Do your lunges

Lunges will leave you with legs like Tina Turner. Now those are dreamy types of legs!!!

Do your crunches

Never skip a day of core exercises. That's your most stubborn area and it's the area we all want to flatter the most.

Anyway I'm writing all of this with a big mokhaba that I have accepted and made peace with. As long as I can suck it in when taking pictures, that's enough for me

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