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If a child gets the jab without parent consent who is responsible if there are any complications ?


Many South African parents voted you into power to represent us not control us and our human rights, like hell will my children make any choices under the age of 18. Start with all the children in the families of the people Making these decisions. Might I add my children have had covid two months ago. And they were fine! The doctor said it was a viral bug, until I got symptoms and tested positive and we had to the test the kids. I will stand for my children and all children this will not go down lightly in South Africa, you're going to make some enemies out of a lot of parents

Children shouldn't also need their parents money for varsity fees, the government should cover that. This government is making sure that the parents bury the children not the other way around by this too much freedom. So if the child gets vaccine without parents consent who becomes responsible if there are any complications?

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