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Does your body feel tense ? Try these few exercises.

Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bone it improves respiratory,cardiovascular health and health and overall health.

Benefits of being fit :

1.Help you control your weight .

2.Reduce your risk of heart diseases .

3.improve your mental health and mood.

4.Help keep your thinking learning and judgement skills sharp as you age.This kind of exercise it is called a COBRA STRETCH. For you to do it you need to lie down on your stomach and bend your elbow with your hands beneath your shoulder

Then push your chest up off the ground as far as possible hold this position for 30 seconds.This one is called CHILD'S POSE.Inorder to do it you must start your knees and on the floor.Put your hands a little forward,widen your knees and put your toes together

Take a breath then exhale and sit back ,try ti make your butt touch your heels .Relax for 30 seconds. CAT COW POSE,start on all four with your knees under your butt and your hands directly under your shoulder,then take a breath and make your belly fall down,Shoulders roll back and head come,do this for 40's better to do all these exercises before your sleep.You will have a good night and wake up feeling good as a King.

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