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'COVID-19 Is Not Going Anywhere' : World Health Organisation

During the 5 days that have passed, 5000 people have contracted the COVID-19 disease each day. This rise of numbers has been caused by the third wave which has hit SA.

Latest stats have revealed that there are 5 074 people who have been infected by this disease in 24 hours. This brings the total number of infected people to 1 696 564. There are 56 people who died from this disease in 24 hours and this brings the total number of people who has died from this virus to 56 974.

In this list of people who have lost their lives from COVID-19, 6 out of these people are from Freestate, 7 are from Gauteng, 15 are from Northern Cape and 1 is from KZN and 6 are from Western Cape.

The Department of health has announced on a statement that 90% of the people have been cured from the virus and this brings the total number of recovered people to 1 578 033.

David Nabarro from World Health organization (WHO) was quoted on one of the sources saying Corona virus cannot be stopped. He said the disease will continue changing itself until the vaccination is unable to stop nor cure it. He said people should get used to living with this virus.

'Living under the COVID-19 disease is something that everyone of us should teach ourselves as this disease would be here for a long time.' Stated David

He mentioned that what needs to be done is to make sure that the spreading of the virus is controlled and is not at a higher level.


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