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Did you know that Banana can save your life?

People enjoy eating Banana and some even say it is the best fruit but little did they know on how it can save them. Alot of people in our different rural or even urban communities they struggle with some illnesses,today after this article l can assure you that the illness that has been troubling you will stop for good.

This article is the proof that we work for you we think of things that can improve and protect your life. Enjoy the information that you are about to gain.

The benefits of Banana

With the rightful information you can know alot. There things that can surprise you are only shared in Opera News Hub platform.

Boil Banana before bed and drink the liquid.

It is time to put aside your sleeping pills and allow us to helpyou for free.Enjoy the brilliant session. This recipe will make you sleep in the natural way.

Have you ever felt like you have sleeping problems,where in most of the time you find yourself ,turning,tossing and keep on looking at something while you are suppose to sleep for hours. Many people can attest to that it is their daily problem actually.

Allow us to help get rid of the insomnia

After you have taken your considerable amount of time reading this article you will be full of Joy . The question that you might be asking yourself is that why Banana out of all fruits and how it can help you?. Well what l can say is that do not underestimate the power of Banana as it contains potassium and magnesium (especially peels).

Magnesium helps to prevent sleep disturbances it works hand in hand with potassium to help relax your muscle.

Eat boiled peels for your own benefit!

It must be taken an hour before you decide to go to sleep. How one can prepare banana tea?. Well, there are two ways can use the full banana or peeled banana. Let water boil for ten minutes. Eat dry peels for about 2 to 3 hours dry then eat and be healed.

Sleeping pills are not good for your help

They cause:


Stomach pain



Doing things without knowing


Be cautious good people as sleeping pills can also, slow down your breath of which is something that is not good for those who are suffering from lung disease like asthma.

Banana tea everyday avoid pills!

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