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Things To Get Worse In South Africa If This Does Not Happen.

There has been a global war since the discovery of Omicron in South Africa. Because of this South Africa is in the tongues of people around the whole world.

The discovery of Omicron in South Africa has led to countries such as the UK banning South Africa from traveling to and from the country. Furthermore, some people have been blaming South Africa for the new Covid-19 variant even though the variant has been detected in other countries. 

The new variant has allegedly mutated from a person with a weak immune system and has not been vaccinated. The small percentage of those vaccinated in the country has gotten tongues wagging and South Africans are being blamed for not having vaccinated. 

The new variant has originated from a person who has probably had untreated HIV or Cancer. This provided the virus enough opportunity to mutate and survive in a human's body. 

If people do not vaccinate, the virus will surely mutate some more and even come up with more variants that are more transmitted easy and can be deadly. Furthermore, it is important to take your HIV medication. When a virus enters your body and finds that your system is not strong enough, it is likely to stay longer in your system and even mutate. 

South Africa has enough vaccines but people don't want to vaccinate. This is a bad decision and people need to start taking the vaccination serious. 


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