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Italians Man Tries Using Fake Arm To Receive Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate But Was Caught

Different countries and continents including South Africa has imposed strict rule that affects the lifestyle and life management of different individuals in their respective country. Different persons has lost their lives and commodities due to the implementation of such strict rules. It has also deprived some persons of their right, especially their right to liberty. Following a news update from SAfm news, a post was shared describing how an Italian man tried to trick a nurse for the sake of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. It quotes, “An Italian man who wanted a COVID-19 vaccination certificate without getting the jab - has turned up for his vaccine with a fake arm - but this did not fool the nurse.” Trying to stem a resurgence in coronavirus infections and prevent closures affecting everyone, Italy announced new restrictions for the unvaccinated few day ago, barring them from dining indoors in restaurants and bars; attending shows, sport events and public ceremonies; and entering nightclubs. “We want to be very cautious,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy said at a news conference. “We want to keep this normality.”

Italians has been battling with a numerous increment in Covid-19 infection cases. Lot of lives has been lost, counting over 1Million lives. Their leaders are trying all the best in their power to ensure that adequate decrease of the virus is seen in the country. Implementing some Covid-19 compulsory instructions is one of the way to stop the spread. Trying to deceive medical workers can't help stop the spread of the virus. So many people wonder how the arm was and also how he was caught by the nurse.

The post received a lot of reactions. A twitter user reacted to the tweet saying, “He must come here in South Africa where ANC rules, where you get the car to pass test without going to a testing station. Where you get a driver's licence without driving a car with an inspector... Kwaaaa...kwaaaa...kwaaaa.” Others made jest of him, one of them tweeted saying that the Covid-19 award for best attempts goes to "the unknown Italian man whose name and face will not be published". While others accused the SAfm news of fake information.

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