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SCARY- you will never get vaccinated after reading this confession

Ever since the corona virus started, a lot of conspiracy theories have been cooked up. While a lot of people believed that the only way to defeat the corona virus is to get the vaccine, some believed that the vaccine was introduced as an effective measure of population control and to introduce the new world order.

While the second theory seemed far fetched, it seems that now it is slowly but surely taking shape. A young lady from the outskirts of the Limpopo Province shared pictures of the current health condition of her grandmother- and it left many people scared to say the least because the pictures paint a very dark and painful fate that awaits many people.

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"we want answers, we have been trying to get answers from the health department of Limpopo but unfortunately we are getting the run around. My grandmother has not been the same ever since she came back from her jab, and it is getting worse with each and every passing day- as she is no longer able to do anything at all. We event went to the doctor but there is no change, the doctors have never come across anything like this before" said the young lady on her social media platform.

Many South Africans are angry because when stories like these first broke onto the scenes from America, the government insisted that they are lies, but now South Africans are experiencing them first hand. What angers them most is that the government is trying to implement measures that will bar not vaccinated people from participating in certain activities, while they themselves are not sure of all the dangers that the vaccine poses to a human body.

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One medical expert who was under the post said that what was happening to the Grandmother's hand was Cellulitis, which can be caused by an infection originating from the vaccine site- meaning that the people administering the vaccine dosages are negligent and putting millions of lives at risk.

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