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One of the UK's most well-known coronavirus patients has died after opting out of treatment (Video).

One of the UK's most well-known coronavirus patients has died after opting out of treatment.

His wife said that the UK's longest-known patient with coronavirus was dead after he opted out of treatment.

After contracting coronavirus in March 2020, Jason Kelk, 49, spent over a year in intensive care at St James' Hospital in Leeds.

yesterday morning, he was taken to a hospice and died in the middle of his family.

On Facebook, his wife, Sue Kelk, posted on Friday:

I have to give the sad news with a heavy heart that Jason died peacefully at 12.40 p.m. at St Gemma.

She said to Sky News, "He was my cousin.

We were different, but we were united opposing sides of the same coin."

Ms. Kelk stated that on Thursday, her "darling spouse" had "another setback" after an infection in her battle against coronavirus.

After his death, the 63-year-old told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

"To do this on his terms was very vital.

"But he leaves a lot of people totally deprived of their rights.

"Maybe others didn't think it was courageous but my God, my God, it's courageous.

"And I believe that's the bravest thing you ever could do - to say, "I don't want to live like this again."

Ms. Kelk told Sky News last month she was afraid he "donated up" after he got worse, and he began "fainting assaults."

Prior to that, she had made plans for his homecoming by issuing an appeal for crowdfunding to assist renovate her property.

Ms. Kelk added that throughout her struggle for recovery she was concerned that her spouse no longer had believed in himself.

Though he had been out of the ventilator for many weeks in recent months, he still required renal dialysis and had to use one more after his condition deteriorated.

Physicians felt that an IT worker in primary school would always require a tracheostomy tube to clear fluid in his throat and windpipe.

Before her state became worse, Mrs. Kelk added that her husband started drinking cups of tea and eating soup and used "nearly every day" on Facebook Messenger.

But she stated he was "speaking absolutely gobbledygook" when she last spoke to her spouse.

On 31 March last year – about that time with Derek Draper, husband of the television presenter Kate Garraway – Mr. Kelk was admitted to hospital.

After COVID, Mr. Draper was extremely ill, but after 1 year in the hospital, he returned home.

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